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Chairman of the “Council of women of Russia” Ekaterina Lakhova was predlozhila to Russian schoolchildren in primary school have had sex education, and instilled a love of family. She stated this in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking”. She explained that the women after 30 often called “staracademy”. “If the child is in primary school to invest that drinking is harmful, Smoking is harmful, why it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, how that affects it. Sex education is absolutely wrong. No, it was the family, preparing boys and girls for family life and maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” said Lakhova. In her opinion, today there are such teachers, which could “correctly” to present all the problems that exist in society, for example, domestic violence. “I believe that if correctly worked in the school on this issue, properly family, girls we would have to understand that for thirty years we consider them staracademy,” said Lakhova, adding that “the normal time to give birth — it’s somewhere in the 22-25”. In her opinion, girls are poorly prepared for marriage. “When interviewed, the girls in the first place put education, second career, and family in third place,” Lakhova said, adding that it is necessary to change the situation and to introduce in schools a special subject since primary school.

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