In the DPRK confirmed the undermining of the communications center at the border

the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea has officially announced the destruction of the liaison office of the DPRK with South Korea in the border town of Kaesong.

it is Noted that the building in the Kaesong industrial complex was blown up on 16 June at 14:50 local time.

“With a loud Bang, a joint liaison office of the North and South are miserably destroyed”, — says the message.

South Korean unification Ministry in charge of relations with the DPRK also confirmed the aggressive step of Pyongyang, which was “generally expected”.

In connection with the incident, senior officials of the security Service of South Korea hold a meeting of the national security Council (NSC) under the chairmanship of the chief Directorate of national security under the President of Kazakhstan Chung Yy Ena.

earlier, Pyongyang threatened to blow up office for the distribution of propaganda leaflets defectors. In addition, North Korea threatened to impose military units in the demilitarized zone on the border.

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