At the outset, as often, there is a man. Thirty years ago, Henry Fuoc, who had been editor-in-chief at The Express and RMC prior to founding the Jazz festival in Lyon, decided to return to the land of his ancestors, to Saoû. At the heart of the Drôme region and its landscapes, and in turn minerals and green. While becoming mayor (the fourth of his family) in this village of five hundred inhabitants, located forty kilometers from Montélimar, he resolved to resonate with the music of Mozart. Saturday evening, the concert given at Crest celebrated its founder to the thirtieth edition in the presence of the veteran, Michel Portal, who was one of the first artists to produce. One can easily imagine his pride to see how his baby has thrived. Because today, Saoû chante Mozart, these are sixteen programs are given throughout the territory of the Drôme.

in Addition to Saoû, what are Dieulefit, Grignan, Nyons, Suze-la-Rousse and many others who welcome the programming chiseled by the flutist and …

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