to Continue without it, it doesn’t make sense”. In an interview with the Paris , the guitarist of the Cranberries, Noel Hogan has delivered some confidences about the output in the bins of the eighth album of the band. Entitled In The End , it is a sign, not only the eleven new songs but also the ultimate recording of the training in ireland. The singer Dolores O’riordan, whose distinctive voice has contributed to the success of the group for nearly thirty years, died accidentally in January 2018.

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“We started writing [the album] in the summer of 2017. We had just finished our acoustic tour and we were excited to write new songs, what we had not done for a long time”, says Noel Hogan. If he was at Cannes, Dolores O’riordan wrote to his side to New York.

“It was obvious: these songs were really strong and Dolores sang wonderfully well. This was not a simple album of the Cranberries”, he adds. No less than eleven songs on which the singer took the time to ask his voice make up In The End , which was finalised, however, without it, given the circumstances. “We’ve talked about it to his family, who loved the idea of finishing off this disc, which counted a lot for it.”

Noel Hogan knew Dolores O’riordan since the end of adolescence: “We had 17-18 years old, we were so young! But from the first rehearsal, she had us amazed with his incredible voice”, he says. At the announcement of his death, the musician was not able to listen to the first demos of this eighth disc. “She was upbeat, happy. His disappearance made no sense.” In a burst of courage, the three remaining members of the Cranberries have finished In The End . But also put an end to their joint venture, of which the culmination will be the release in 1994 of the album No Need to Argue, their biggest hit .

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For Noel Hogan, In the End is “the conclusion of the thirty years ‘cool’ with Dolores O’riordan. One last tribute before turning the page Cranberries: “We would have loved to play these songs on stage, but without Dolores, it is impossible. […] Today we feel no need to discuss that we need to stop.”

Shaken by the death of their friend, the training is coming to an end “with mixed feelings of sadness, but also happiness, to leave a legacy and songs that are part of the life of the people”.

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