Ryuk , Like no other , Siberia and Bang . What are the four titles of the freshly announced by NLP on his Twitter profile. In a short video that enigmatic and spatial, as the two brothers in love, the name of the songs appears, accompanied by a short musical excerpt.

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what do salivate fans of the group, three months after the release of the album Two Brothers already certified double platinum, representing more than 200,000 sales. The songs will be available as soon as Friday, exclusively on Apple’s Music for a week.

Race to the top with Nekfeu

The strategy is well-oiled for the duo of Corbeil-Essonnes, which continues to grow the success of her last album. At the beginning of June, Ademo, the older of the two brothers, released Mowgli II , the sequel to the first song released in 2014 before the rap group reach the summits.

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But in the Olympus of French rap, the battle rages with Nekfeu. “The desert fox” was unveiled Friday, June 21, the second part of his album The stars wandering, with sixteen new songs. The Stars wandering Expansion has 34 titles and has already won the platinum disc. The third solo album from the rapper became the second most listened to in the world on the platform of Spotify. A duel at the top between the two kings of marketing.