In the first half of this year fined more than 200 thousand passengers with someone else's social card

In the subway and ground transportation from January 2020 fined 205 thousands of riders who used to travel someone else’s social card, reported the press service of gku “transport Organizer”. Buses, trolleybuses and trams of such offenders was significantly higher than in the metro: 168 thousand to 37 thousand.

most offenders — almost 5 thousand, identified on a bus route “МЦ1”, which runs between the metro station “forest” and IMC FMS.

According to the head of gku “transport Organizer” Vladislav Sultanov, each stowaway will pay for the trip in 25 times more the cost of travel on the map “Troika”.

the Penalty for ticketless travel is 1 thousand rubles, for the use of someone else’s social cards — 2.5 thousand rubles.

Specifies that the controllers work even at night routes. Their staff increased and uniformly distributed on mashru ground transportation. Now, according to Sultanova, police and help them, making attempts to escape from control or behave rudely with the staff managed to minimize.

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