In the Hermitage told, when will return to grace tickets

as soon As the situation will allow, the Museum will return to the previous social policy. This TV channel “Saint Petersburg”, said the press service of the Museum.

“under the circumstances, the Hermitage temporarily reduced the list of privileged categories of visitors who can visit the Museum for free. The Hermitage will return the categories that have the right of free access to law: children, students and large families, as soon as the situation with coronavirus will be resolved”, — told the Agency.

the Museum Also added that the next day when children, students and families will be free to go to the Hermitage — 23 July. To make reservations on the Museum’s website. The number of visitors will be limited.

Recall that the Hermitage was opened to visitors after a long break on July 15. Concessions for students and pensioners, the Museum was canceled.

the Director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky explained that now in the Treasury there is no possibility to receive guests for free. “These benefits I entered, I removed them”, he said.

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