In the Internet appeared the video message of repentance actor Ephraim

Honored artist of Russia Mikhail Efremov, four days ago in a drunken state committed a fatal accident on the “oncoming” in Moscow, apologized to the families of the deceased men.

an Actor called Sergei Zakharov “an innocent man”, “good man” his age. “I don’t know how and what words to apologize to the family of Sergey Zakharov, but I’m asking anyway,” says Efremov, expressing doubt that he deserved to be forgiven relatives of the deceased.

the Actor has promised to help families Zakharova “by all means, if they will accept.” He stressed that records video with words of forgiveness and then to “off” from loved ones of his victim, and to “atone for” the offense.

Yefremov stressed that the public is vain thinking that it “otmazhut” from punishment (to those who got behind the wheel while intoxicated and has committed a fatal car accident threatens till 12 years of imprisonment). “Turn on your network I’m not going and will not” — said the actor.

According to Michael Ephraim, for what he has done, he has no forgiveness from his wife, children and “all who believed me”. “I don’t know how to live further”, — the artist admitted. He laments that’s no excuse to get drunk behind the wheel, and what happened — “not a movie, it can’t be rewind”.

“There is no Ephraim, I betrayed all of you, please forgive me!” — concluded the actor, which the court in the case of the death of Zakharov sent under house arrest.

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