In the Internet appeared the video of the last argument dismantler Sokolov killed with them by the student

the Network has published a video of a quarrel historian Oleg Sokolov with the graduate student Anastasia Yeshchenko, filmed before the murder of the girl. The video publishes the first edition of “Мойка78”.

From the videos it becomes clear that the falcons had a big fight with Eschenko.

She screams that she hates him, demands that he let her go. “Go away! I don’t love you anymore! What are you hitting me?! Who gave you the right to beat me who?!” — outraged Yeshchenko after the falcons won’t let her and pushes in the chest. The girl, brought to a hysterics, escapes from an apartment in Sokolov just light clothes, despite the fact that it was in the night of 8 November. It is possible that the murder occurred after the student returned to his apartment to get his things, the publication suggests.

In this case, Sokolov’s lawyers believe that the video could serve as a “mitigating circumstance” in the case because it “reveals the entire nature of the relationship” between the historian and graduate student.

we will Remind, 64-year-old accused of killing 23-year-old PhD student Anastasia Eschenko, with whom he was romantically involved. According to the investigation, the falcons had a fight with a girl, began to strangle her and shot several times, and then she died. The accused dismembered the body of the beloved, hidden in a backpack and tried to drown in the Sink. At this point he was caught and, finding the backpack cut off the girl’s hand.

Earlier today it became known that the falcons gave up two defenders to represent him in a criminal case. He insists that his lawyer was only Sergey Lukyanov.

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