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Database with passport data of Russians who have registered to participate in electronic voting on amendments to the Constitution, were in open access. As reported by RBC, it became known to the edition “jellyfish”. As stated, July 1, at least 9 to 12 hours GMT archive with passport data of over a million residents of Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region was available for download. Initially it was assumed that the data will be able to use the PEC members to find out if he ever registered or that specific voter in remote voting, and vote whether it is from 25 to 30 June. For this territorial election commissions downloaded the encrypted archive and password from it with one of the state sites. It is noted that the checking program is an executable file degvoter.exe. It works with a series and number of the passport of the Russians. However, says the publication, the information about the passports were in the database db.sqlite is not password protected. “Medusa” wrote that the series and number of passports were coded in alphanumeric sequence, the so-called checksums. To decrypt the program degvoter.exe to calculate the hash sum from the entered user number and series of passport, and then found it in the database db.sqlite. The publication notes that he was able to decrypt the passport data and without this information, eventually getting access 1 190 726 records. As explained by “Medusa” is the number of voters, which was recorded on remote voting. While 97 passports were recorded in the database twice, and more than 4 thousand after checking through the service of the interior Ministry was invalid.

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