In the Kalmyk psychoneurological boarding school coronavirus has infected about 200 people

In one of the psycho-neurological boarding schools of Kalmykia coronavirus was diagnosed in 196 people.

As reported in office of public Prosecutor of the Republic, organized the audit, during which will assess the actions of staff to prevent the spread of infection. The police checks the boarding school on signs of the crime under article 236 of the criminal code (violation of sanitary-epidemiological rules which entailed by negligence mass disease of people).

RIA “Kalmykia”, referring to the Republican Ministry of health, reported that only a boarding school, there are over 350 players and 62 employees. The first test revealed 15 cases, and by Wednesday morning at the orphanage were found in 196 infected.

All patients receiving treatment, heavy among them.

Experts believe that, presumably, the virus has been brought to the orphanage by one of the employees.

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