In the Kremlin called the false information about the payment by Russia of the attacks on Americans in Afghanistan

the American media that Russian special services allegedly paid to representatives of the extremist movement “Taliban” (banned in Russia) for attacks on American troops in Afghanistan is a lie. Commented on such reports, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

As reported by “Interfax” Peskov also said that if U.S. intelligence agencies “continue to be accountable to the President”, he suggested to focus on the statement of U.S. President Donald trump, who has already commented on these publications. Also Peskov expressed regret about the fact that once major and respected media in recent years do not stop to publish absolute “ducks.”

earlier, newspaper the New York Times reported earlier, citing unnamed us officials that the Russian military intelligence, the Taliban offered a reward for attacks on U.S. troops in Afghanistan. According to the publication, this happened in the midst of negotiations on the peaceful settlement of the Afghan conflict.

the Authors argue that the US President Donald Trump reported on these findings intelligence in March 2020, but he has not yet decided how to respond. Similar information was published in the Washington Post. According to her, the result of “collusion” killed several American servicemen.

Sunday, trump tweeted that “no one has provided information and did not speak to me or the Vice President Pensions or the chief of staff, Mark Meadows about the so-called attacks on our troops in Afghanistan from the Russian side, as citing “anonymous sources” reported that the fake media The New York Times”.

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