In the Kuban police detained the father for violation of the regime of isolation have left the children alone to cry in the street

the Kuban police during the arrest the men for violation of the regime of isolation left his children a disabled child and his infant brother.

As reported in the human rights organization “apology of protest”, the police detained Vladimir Bagels, which the children made the bike ride, under the pretext of violation of the “regime of isolation”. They took the man “made out”, leaving the children alone. The father asked the security forces to cause the mother or otherwise to ensure the safety of children who are just 8 and 10 years, but law enforcement officers did not listen, say human rights activists. As a result, frightened and crying children noticed by passers-by. They got through to the mother and handed her boys.

Larissa Bagel plans to file a complaint to the Prosecutor’s office and the Investigative Committee. Human rights activists have promised to support it.

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