In the Kuban will judge the murderer of eight year old girl, who admitted inscriptions on the walls

In the Krasnodar territory will appear in court man accused of killing eight-year-old in 2016. The case could not uncover, yet the culprit has not pointed to himself.

As reported in the RF IC, 20 June 2016 the girl’s stepfather drove her almost to the house and went back home but that day she did not come. Investigators were at an impasse.

At the end of January this year in one of the neighboring villages on a few buildings there were inscriptions, which spoke of the location of the remains of the child. Message from the inscriptions checked and indeed found in the specified location the skeleton of a child.

the Suspect was a 63-year-old resident of the village of Star. According to men, that day the girl several times ran into the yard of his house, distracting him from his work. Banishing the child, the man hit the child with a hammer on the head and she died. By car it took the body to a nearby village and buried in the field. The man said that the inscriptions indicating the place where were found the remains, leave it.

Now head case with the approved indictment is sent to court.

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