In the Kuzbass mines are being fired three employees

In Kuzbas on mine “Alekseevskaya” reduced 398 people from 717. Massive layoffs are on mine “Zarechnaya” and “October”. There the government announced the reduction in total employees from 2000 to 2400, said the Governor of the Kemerovo region Sergey Tsivilev. He said that these mines were delays under the salary, is constantly receiving information about the reduction of staff. “I’m at the end of last year he took an active part, so before the new year to pay the miners in this group of companies. Unfortunately, the company until the end could not be saved. There are reducing”, — quotes the words civileva NGS42. Earlier, media reported that in may, mine “Zarechnaya” fired 152. Debts under the salary for February is repaid. However, further debt repayment depends on the position of the Railways: the management of mine several times asked for help with the export of coal. As was stated by Tsivilev, dismissed employees are offered a new place or get an education and get new skills.

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