In the LC miners, a few months of not receiving wages, went on strike in the mine

the self-proclaimed Luhansk people’s Republic announced a strike of the miners of the mine “Komsomolskaya” near the town of Anthracite.

according to the portal the miners demanded payment of their salaries for March and April. Video from June 5 are under the ground. As the representatives of independent trade unions, in the area of disconnected mobile communications and social network “Vkontakte”, as well as stopped traffic.

it is Noted that in April the miners have carried out a similar protest, then they are paid part of the debt for February and March. The remnants of the debts of the mine management promised to pay off till may 15, but did not fulfill the promise. In addition, the mine has introduced a new system of remuneration where the fees for work actually decreased.

the start of the strike the miners also paid part of the debt in March, but they require full payment of wages to all employees. In the protests involved more than 100 people.

As the portal to the workers down for talks, Vladimir Shatokhin, Director General of GUP LC “Vostok-Ugol”. As told sources, Shatokhin said that the mine is unprofitable and it is necessary “to invest a lot of money” and offered to repay the debt “to the extent of filling of the budget,” adding that debts are “exorbitant amounts” and “such money is not there.” After that, the strike continued.

Eyewitnesses reported in social networks that the entrance to the village Dubovskiy where the mine “Komsomolskaya”, put up roadblock, but also in the region fails mobile communications and blocked access to social network “Vkontakte”. Alexander Vaskovsky, co-Chairman of the independent trade Union of miners of Donbass, told the portal that the strike was about to connect the mine “Belorechenskaya”, but on June 8 it stopped working and would not let miners underground.

Any official comments on the situation to date there was no time.

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