In the Leningrad region decide the fate of the ran to the village lynx (video)

In the village of Krivoy Navolok Tikhvin district of Leningrad region was raided by a lynx. Live with a wild animal appeared on the Internet. According to the staff, the predator sleeps and is not particularly aggressive.

However, users in social networks has suggested that the lynx may be sick and dangerous.

“Well, spook, let into the forest running, it can be seen that it is a healthy animal,” wrote the young man.

In response, the witness said that he has already arrived the Commission veterinarian at a distance determined rabies in an animal, and therefore it was decided to get a lynx in the forest and kill. Many of the comments still opposed and believe that it is necessary to do the analysis before to make the diagnosis.

“the Veterinarian determines the distance, is like a grandmother Glafira wonder at pictures of the mark, and it’s a fucking pity,” say the users.

Previously, the residents of Leningrad region have noticed on the roads bears and moose. There were no accidents. Office the appearance of the animals associated with coronavirus pandemic, which made the settlements deserted.

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