In the Leningrad region detained the recidivist who shot his sister and killed the nephew

Police arrested in the Leningrad region the man who stabbed his nephew and shot his sister.

according to an “Operational cover”, the 61-year-old Igor Zhuravlev grabbed last night in the Gatchina district. The suspect was hiding at the cottage with friends. He seized a gas pistol and a knife.

the Tragedy happened June 2 at a house down the street Utochkina. According to the investigation, Zhuravlev had a fight with his sister on the grounds of hostile relations — relatives were engaged in the division of the apartment. He shot 57-year-old woman in the face. To help the injured rushed to her son and received from his uncle stabbed in the neck. The wound proved fatal. The attacker fled.

it is Noted that Zhuravlev from 1976 to 2006, was convicted four times, including for robbery and threatening murder.

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