In the Leningrad region will build three musoropererabotka plant

Three plants for processing of garbage will appear in the Leningrad region for three years. This became known after the meeting of the Governor Alexander Drozdenko with potential investors.

the region plans to build factories of a full cycle with zero volume of non recyclable waste, the capacity of each will be about 320 thousand tons, but the nearest to St. Petersburg may increase to 960 thousand tons. All the plants will make the territorial scheme for the treatment of MSW. Drozdenko said that the problem of waste disposal, which produces the Leningrad region, will solve without the technology of incineration, but did not specify what will happen with the St. Petersburg waste, which are fully stored in the field.

“Our goal is to go from the technology of garbage disposal at landfills. In three years we will be able to create a fully functional manufacturing sector, and create conditions for activities of enterprises for the finished products with waste recycling plants”, — said the head of the region.

In public environmental Council has given the investors ‘ proposals on the implementation in the Leningrad region processing technologies.

earlier, Drozdenko said that the Leningrad region goes to the recycling 2023 and invited to St. Petersburg to create a single operator in the field of treatment of municipal solid wastes.

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