In the Leningrad zoo told the animals ready for an influx of visitors

For the three months epidemiological limitations, employees of the Leningrad zoo and the animals unaccustomed to visitors. How is the preparation for the opening of the TV channel “Saint Petersburg” said the Director of Leningrad zoo, Irina Skiba.

“During these three months we have a feeling that if we operate in the reserve: nature, animals — everything is in place, but visitors do not. But many animals are boring — they used to be and show themselves to the audience. They are already sad. I think we quickly gather in the work. The biggest help for us, of course, the arrival of visitors. If there will be enough remaining warm months will help to survive the winter. Because we have summer feeds the winter,” said Skiba.

According to her, the cost of tickets to the zoo will not be extended, and they can be purchased at the box office.

“All offices will be open, distance about one and a half spaced. The same distance between the benches. For disinfection, we have also used. In General, the crowds in the zoo should not be — at seven hectares there is a place for everyone. Masks and gloves must be worn only in the pavilion “Exotarium”, where we have a collection of fish, corals and invertebrates”, — explained the Director.

Told Skiba special guests of the zoo of Rostov-on-don to St. Petersburg came a male and female kangaroo. They are now undergoing one month quarantine, but then settle in permanent houses. From the same city came and monkey tamarins.

“Three months we could not exchange animals with other zoos, but now everything is getting better. Recently, we were sent to Sakhalin, the male Gibbon, who is going to start a family”, — said the head of the zoo.

Leningrad zoo will open for visitors on June 28. On the same day St Petersburg will be available to gardens, parks, squares, children’s playgrounds and walks along the rivers and channels. From the 29th of June, work will begin summer cafe.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” reported that white bear in the Leningrad zoo without visitors is bored and plays volleyball.

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