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The human rights center “memorial” recognized the Yakut shaman TM Alexander a political prisoner under international guidance the definition of this concept. According to “Rain” in the message center stated that the shaman was deprived of liberty “solely because of political and religious beliefs, as well as non-violent exercise of freedom of movement, expression, peaceful Assembly, conscience and religion.” Human rights activists called for the release of TM and rehabilitate with the damages. Recall that in may security forces stormed the house of a shaman, he was sent to a mental hospital. The medical Board found the shaman threat to themselves and others, and the institution has submitted the claim about involuntary admission, which will consider on 2 July. 9 Jun shaman detained and placed in the Observatory of Rostokino. We will remind that Alexander Gabyshev became famous after he began Hiking in Moscow with the aim of “the expulsion of Vladimir Putin.”

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