In the Ministry of education evaluated the results of the exam during coronavirus

the Unified state examination (use) in terms of the coronavirus passed as objectively as possible, leakage of materials no. So appreciated the exam, the head of the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov. He added that during the examination there had been no outbreaks of illness with the novel coronavirus. According to Kravtsov, reports RIA “Novosti”, the time for the exam chosen was “absolutely right”.

he Also said that the exam showed no serious gaps in pupils ‘ knowledge, for the last couple months of the school year attending remotely due to the coronavirus. The Minister pointed out that, according to the comparison of average exam scores in 2020 with the average scores for the period from 2016 to 2019, “sagging” is not. So, in the Russian language this year the average score was 71.6, but after four years 69,3, that is, even recorded growth. On core mathematics average score this year is 53.9, after four years of 49.6, also increase. Increased the average score in physics, computer science, history, geography, social studies, literature, chemistry results are stable.

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