In the Ministry of education have not yet figured out how to

the Ministry of education of Russia is that “working on” the question of how to organize change in schools in terms of coronavirus. According to the recommendations of the CPS should not be allowed “where children congregate”.

As stated in the air “the First channel” the head of the Ministry of education Sergey Kravtsov, his office still thinking of how to solve this problem. “Of course, socializing children (for change — approx. ed.). Let’s see,” — said Kravtsov.

He acknowledged that the situation is a “challenge” for the Ministry of education, the issue is discussed and worked out, in its decision trying to “consider all aspects”.

Recall that on 14 may it was reported that Rospotrebnadzor suggested to prevent the communication of students of different classes during my school breaks. These were the recommendations of the Department on organization of work of educational organizations in conditions of maintaining the proliferation risks COVID-19.

“to Exclude the communication of students and pupils from different classes (groups) during breaks and during the walk,” the document States.

Also it is recommended to periodically carry out disinfection of the premises, to revise the mode of operation of the organization, including the schedule of training sessions by changing the start time of the first lesson (classes) for different classes and time changes, in order to maximize the separation of classes (groups). A ban is also imposed on the Association of children after school in extended day group.

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