In the Moscow city Duma supported the bill to extend the deadline for the submission of information about income

The Commission of Moscow city Council on state construction and local government recommended to accept the first reading of a bill to extend until August 1, 2020 deadline for submission of municipal employees information on income, expenses, about property and obligations of property character for the period from 1 January to 31 December 2019. The decision was taken during meeting of the Commission. The provisions of this document will affect persons holding municipal offices in Moscow and the head of administration of intracity municipality in the capital under the contract. The bill was prepared in connection with the implementation of the capital complex and other restrictive measures aimed at combating the spread of COVID-19. The Chairman of the Commission Alexander Kozlov noted that the document is aimed at improving the Moscow legislation and bringing it into compliance with Federal law. “Was the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, adopted on 17 April 2020, where just given the opportunity at the regional level to extend the adoption of declarations in respect of municipal employees for the period up to August 1, 2020”, — he explained. The meeting also considered a draft law suggesting changes to the procedure of collecting signatures. However, he did not receive the support of the Commission. “It was proposed to amend the electoral code of Moscow, the Moscow law on referendums. A proposal was made to the procedure of collection of signatures, registration of signature sheets, provide information about voters in the part of the review in accordance with the Federal law on state forensic activities in the Russian Federation, — said Kozlov. — During the discussion it was established the non-conformance of the draft of the Federal law on state forensic activities. Because those types of activitiesalnosti contained in Federal law do not apply to the conduct of the electoral law. Simply a recommendation to adopt the draft law will lead to the fact that we come to the contradiction with the Federal legislation.” That this bill is contrary to the requirement of Federal laws and is not subject to adoption, also said the member of the Moscow city election Commission (IPCC) Rimma Kuznetsova. For his part, the head of the legal analysis of the laws of the state legal Department of the Moscow city Duma Hopes Kislichenko pointed out that to the bill there are suggestions of a technical, linguistic nature. In particular, it relates to the denomination of the bill and used in it terminology.

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