In the Moscow zoo died

In the Moscow zoo at the age of 84 years has died the alligator, named Saturn. It gave the Soviet Union the British after the Second world war.

As mentioned in Instagram of the zoo, the alligator was long — lived-the average of his kind live on average 45 years.

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May 23, 2020 at 2:20 PDT

the Predator was born in 1936 in USA, and then went to the Berlin zoo. During the bombing in 1943 he escaped, where he stayed for the next three years, until he found British soldiers and not handed over to the USSR is unknown. Since 1946, the Gator lived in Moscow.

According to legend, the animal was “in Hitler’s collection” and not in the Berlin zoo.

Memory alligator-longevity immortalized in the Darwin Museum.

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