In the Network collect signatures against mass layoffs of teachers at the HSE

On the platform there was a petition against the upcoming mass layoffs “opposition-minded teachers”. The document has already been signed by more than 100 people.

According to the authors of the petition, including students, postgraduates, staff and alumni of the HSE, layoffs are planned under the guise of the reorganization of the schools of philosophy and cultural studies.

“the Management of HSE, is preparing to cut rates 15 teachers of the School of philosophy and seven rates in the School of cultural studies faculty of the humanitarian Sciences”, — stated in the document of the petition. There it is specified that the list includes teachers who have signed open letters in support of political prisoners and Professor Hasan Huseynov.

the authors of the petition expressed the confidence that “changes have not been caused by objective reasons, both schools have good performance indicators”. They believe that “the HSE is trying to suppress freedom of speech and get rid of the opposition of teachers”.

In this regard, students and staff of the HSE demanded to stop pressure on teachers because of their political views, to postpone the reorganization of the Schools of philosophy and cultural studies to ascertain the true causes of the reorganization, as well as the return of Olga Roginsky for the post of academic head of the educational program “Cultural studies”.

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