In the Network posted a petition to make polygamy in the Constitution

In the Internet there is a petition for legislative consolidation in Russia polygamy.

the author of the petition writes that such an amendment should be made in the Constitution of the Russian Federation, along with other previously proposed amendments. He points out that now polygamy is officially permitted in 50 countries, and partly in France, Australia and the UK.

“to Deny the existence of the problem of polygamy in Russia, especially in the North Caucasus republics, it is meaningless. Polygamous marriages are part of the culture and mentality of the peoples of the South and, in fact, never stop practicing now,” says the author.

According to him, such marriages will solve (and nationwide) problem family of infidelity, and abandoned children. In addition, he points out, women in Russia is 11 million more than men, a lot of women are forced to remain without a home of warmth and comfort. The petition emphasizes that the time has come to decide “this long overdue issue, and to consolidate the right to several marriages in the Constitution.”

we will Remind, in the autumn of last year in Russia already there were public debate about polygamy. Then the mufti of Moscow, Ildar Alyautdinov said that the legalization of polygamy in Russia would solve a number of social problems caused by the big numerical advantage of women relative to men. Earlier, the head of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin stated that it considers it appropriate the legalization of polygamy in the Muslim regions of the country because it is better than “to have 40 mistresses, and not to bear any responsibility”.

Later Executive Secretary of the Council on human rights under President of Russia (HRC) Irina Kirkor said that the legalization of polygamy in Russia “will open a Pandora’s box,” because it is dangerous to make any exceptions to the current nationwide uniform Family code. She gave an example: legalization of polygamy will give rise to a legal conflict about tom, who can and who cannot enter into such a marriage. There will be questions regarding the calculation of child support and other things. Another question that surely will arise is the right of women to register with a few men added Can. She continued: what to do if the Russian man, not a Muslim, but living in a Muslim region, wants to register the marriage with several women? And the reverse situation: what if a Muslim lives in non-Muslim region. Also, noted Can, there is a risk of increased domestic violence with the legalization of polygamy.

this Can recognized that in Muslim tradition it is normal to have up to four wives, and there are times when man actually lives with several families, not registering the marriage. However, she said, now many people stopped to officially register the relationship. As for the marriage registration in the registry office, then with the legalization of polygamy, the question arises, how to include in this procedure a secular spiritual traditions.

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