In the North-West of the USA, the driver rammed the protesters and opened fire (video)

In Seattle unidentified car crashed into the protesters against police violence against African Americans. Then the driver left the salon and opened fire.

the newspaper The Seattle Times there is evidence of one are hospitalized with gunshot wounds. Whether there are victims when hitting, it is specified.

the Assailant was arrested, his motives are being investigated.

Here is the full video of this.

A man drove his car into protesters AND shot a man today. Do you see any tear gas? Any police? No?

Seattle police gassed protesters for allegedly throwing a candle yesterday.

These people don’t care about us.#NoJusticeNoPeace

— Jennifer Scheurle (@Gaohmee) June 8, 2020

the Protests in the United States, in some cases escalated into looting and arson began, after the death of a black George Floyd from the hands of guards in Minneapolis. The man was detained four police officers, one of whom is almost 9 minutes pushing him with his knee on the neck of the Campaign against racism in solidarity with the Americans held in other countries.

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