In the Novosibirsk region local resident voted for amendments to the Constitution for myself and family

The inhabitant of Iskitim voted for amendments to the Constitution itself and for four relatives, spelled out in the house. About it writes the local edition of “All Iskitim”. The newspaper reported that the house, which drove away the election Commission, spelled out five people: Elizabeth Devguru (which owns the house), her husband, son, and grandfather and mother. June 27, a woman from his mother learned that she and her husband, and her son, “already voted” on amendments to the Constitution. As it turned out, “tried” grandpa, voting for all who are registered in the house. “Grandfather, I have not yet seen. Was at work. He was asked why he did that, my husband. He replied, saying that you don’t like — shared Devguru. — The husband replied that he was not against someone, it resent the fact that someone voted. And more strange that not grandpa voted, and the fact that he took those voices”. The expert added that her mother was in the garden at that moment, when he came visiting Committee. She saw that the car pulls away and stopped her. She replied that she had already voted, showing a paper that they all voted. The woman began to swear, and he tore the assigned documents. The CEC stated that such actions were illegal, and the statement of the woman was accepted. “I ask: then what do we do. I want to go to vote and Express their opinion. But I was told what to do I don’t really like my voice removed. It turns out that elections are purely formal? I respond that every voice. Advised to refer to the territorial electoral Commission. But at the weekend it did not work. Today I will go and ask why without passports grandfather voted for us. And if he voted for the whole street? For all 60 homes. That’s such transparent elections — not required no passports, nothing,” says Devguru. THE CEC she asked me to give feedback on the decision of the question, but the answer was that it is necessary to duplicate the message on the website that Devguru did. But did not receive a notice of registration. And now can not find traces of the message. Later Vice Chairman of the TEC of Iskitim said that Devguru explained that there came two men, a machine number is called, said that the man was nervous, tore up the documents. But, explained to the TEC, the members of the election Commission always go only with the observer, the two of us to go is not necessary. But most importantly, as explained by the Deputy Chairman of the TIC, she called the precinct election Commission, the voters ‘ lists they are not, there voted only one person. Guess it could be “set up” or something. Devguru she said that she called twice from Teak Iskitim and tried to convince that it was a provocation.

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