In the Omsk region, cut down commemorative spruce, planted by the veterans

In the village of Sargatskoye in the Omsk region were cut down many years of eating near the Holocaust memorial-Memorial to the great Patriotic war, writes the newspaper “Omsk here”. It is noted that the trees were planted on the 30th anniversary of Victory in their planting was attended by the war veterans.

According to the management of the village, cutting is performed in the framework of the “landscaping and creation of comfortable urban environment”. For the reconstruction of the memorial Victory complex “Eternal flame” was allocated 10 million rubles.

As the head of the city settlement the Hope of Isachenko, the project was approved in 2017 and its implementation has been obtained the permission of the veterans. However, according to the publication, many of the veterans Sargatskogo claim that their opinion is not asked. In turn, the first Deputy head Sargatskogo area Sergey Troyan noted that some of the trees are now dead and they had to be removed. However, the project is not meant only cutting down diseased trees, clarifies the issue.

the inhabitants of the village sent to district and village administration collective appeal asking them not to cut down plantations, stressing that the operation “contradict the main concept of memory and continuity of generations”. However, according to village activists, currently cutting down of trees continues.

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