In the OP received more than 170 reports of irregularities in the vote on the Constitution

the Russian Public chamber (OP) has received more than 170 messages from the observers and regional OP discrepancies regarding the vote on amendments to the Constitution developed together with the CEC “gold standard”.

As said Secretary OP Lidia Mikheeva, 512 thousand public observers for 5 days exercise public control over the voting process and strict adherence to procedures. The situation centre and volunteers contacted more than 16 thousand observers in the regions. Overall 131 recorded message stating that the standard of the vote is not respected.

According to Mikheeva, reports “Interfax”, the hotline OP received more than 180 messages and questions on the ballot. For each call work, she assured. 48 messages were received from the regional OP. As stressed by Mikheyev, in all cases being tested in the field. In this case what the violations identified — Mikheev did not elaborate.

Recall that the national vote on constitutional amendments scheduled for 1 July, but actually goes within seven days from 25 June to 1 July. Six days in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region will go to electronic voting. For him in both the regions responsible specially created territorial election Commission, which meets in Moscow.

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