In the opened IKEA was formed pandemonium

In St. Petersburg after long periods of inactivity resumed work shopping centers. At the entrance to the IKEA store located in the shopping center “MEGA Dybenko”, the buyers made a pandemonium.

St. Petersburg told the media that the waiting time in the queue for several hours. In the trading room allowed no more than 50 people.

“Queue for 5 hours, it is only at the entrance to the store. Apparently people really sat up on isolation,” write the witnesses.

“people Have the furniture ended” — explain what is happening subscribers.

Some suggest to wait a few days and go shopping after the rush.

store Employees on the loudspeaker reminded of the need to respect the social distance and use of personal protective equipment. However, many consumers ignore these ads mask is not all, and the distance between standing in line for people significantly less than the recommended five feet.

In social networks, users wonder that “candle for $ 100” can be more important than their own health. They fear that because of impatient buyers shopping complex can be closed again.

Recall that “MEGA Dybenko” and “MEGA Parnassus” in test mode opened in may. However, the management of the shopping Mall are unable to enforce mandatory at the time masono-glove mode, and shopping centers closed after only one day.

Over the past day in St. Petersburg and region novel coronavirus infection was diagnosed in 338 people, confirmed the death of 25 patients.

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