In the Parliament of St. Petersburg discussed what a dictatorship is and why you need to vote on the amendments to the Constitution

In the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg between the speaker Vyacheslav Makarov and the Deputy Maxim Reznik skirmish ensued about what is the love for the Motherland and love for dictators. The dispute occurred in the plenary session at the Mariinsky Palace on June 10.

“From authoritarianism to dictatorship. And since the times of Ancient Rome, mankind can not break up with dictators. The great ham, the Lord protector, the Emperor, the sun king, the Fuhrer — what beautiful names they came up with. And our country has paid a high price for the sake of the dictators — as a stranger, and, what is worse. But our people deserve a government that puts at the forefront of the human rights to life and liberty. We are now witnessing the state violates those basic rights, organizing a massive nationwide event, the so-called cheating-oboli…” — said Maxim Reznik before Vyacheslav Makarov turned off his microphone.

“I understand why that is all absolutely untrue? It’s the love for the Motherland, Russia, our beloved, it is one and the Constitution is the passport of the people… We’re not at a rally!” — tried to reason with his Makarov. Resnick urged the speaker not to equate country and government, not to confuse the country with the boss and not interrupt his statement.

“I believe that voting is a crime against the right to health and life of citizens, because the epidemic is not over, the government cheats the citizens. I believe that the government carries out criminal by criminal intent. I believe the nullification of the terms of the President, ruling for 20 years, zeroing the rights of our multinational people in power in their own country — again he imposed a dictatorship. But our people can say “no” to last dictator of Russia!” said Reznick.

during his emotional speech, the Makarov has also repeatedly turned off his microphone.

“That was sitting normally in the “Party of Growth” the Deputy Reznik, and all was well. But started from scratch ardent opposition Reznik. For me personally, this is not pity, not compassion, and hope that you will return to normal political activity with your best qualities and talents and apply them in the service of Russia, — said Makarov. I think you are always in Sachs come out and say anything, but there are things that we can’t transgress. This homeland, Russia, she, like her mother, especially today when it is hard and difficult. Loving mother must always, in all situations”.

Deputy Boris Vishnevsky supported Reznik spoke in a similar vein, noting that the government must learn to strictly comply with those human rights that are written in the current Constitution, before accepting a new one.

Recall that a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation was scheduled for April 22 but postponed due to the pandemic coronavirus. Later, Vladimir Putin announced that the vote will take place on 1 July. The network hosts several petitions about the cancellation or postponement of the vote because the electoral procedure may be hazardous to health of Russians.

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