In the period of the pandemic in the Altai region index of food production

In comparison with January-may 2019 the index of food production in the Altai region showed a positive trend, 107.2 per cent. The index of beverage at the end of 5 months 2020 to the same period in 2019 amounted to 106.7%.

strong growth, according to statistics, observed in the oil industry. So, two plants of the company “Blago” showed an increase in the production of vegetable crude oil, 29.5%, and refined by 31.8 per cent. This growth was achieved through increase in volume of processing of oilseeds.

Show good growth in meat and milk processing industry.

So, for the first five months of the current year, Altai processors was made 21.4 thousand tons of meat products. This figure is 11% more than last year. Products of the meat processing industry implemented including branded retail chains, such as in the trading network “aleyskaya meat”, recently opened several new stores in the district centers of the region.

8% more cheese products (almost 27 thousand tons of cheese) produced in January—may 2020 compared with the same period of 2019 in the plants of the region. Accordingly, increased production of whey — 15%, amounting to 47.8 thousand tons. Growth in the production of butter amounted to 20.5% of the Altai milk processors produced about 9 thousand tons of this product.

in addition, it can be concluded that the rate of grain processing, which has increased due to increased demand for flour and cereals in the beginning of the pandemic, gradually stabiliziruemost. The production of cereals, for example, reduced by 7%, and cereal grains and flour in the reporting period produced the same volume as last year. At the same time increased the volume of pasta production (7%) — in January—may 2020 they produced 56 thousand tons.

Start of production the vodka and ethyl alcohol, resumed the work of the Itkul distillery has become the main reason for the growth of the industry for the manufacture of beverages (an increase of 7%). Also, seasonal growth demonstrates the industry soft drinks production in the early spring and summer season release increased almost 20% as for the production of kvass and soft drinks production.

not to mention that positive dynamics in all the above industries affects the freight forwarding industry. So, in the Altai region of West Siberian railway in January — April 2020 was loaded with 52 thousand tons of sugar (1.8 times more than in the same period of 2019). Moreover, in comparison with April of 2019, loading sugar at railway transport in the region was 8.6% more than in April 2020 (9.1 million tons).

Monitoring in the Altai region of loading on the main items of goods shows a positive trend for the loading of grain, chemicals and coke.

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