In the Petersburg hospital the relatives of the dead patients attacked the security guard (video)

In Elizabethan hospital in St. Petersburg, the visitors attacked the security guard, told the correspondent of “Rosbalt” in press service of the institution.

the Incident occurred on June 15. Dissatisfied not satisfied a long queue.

“you see, to us for three days has received nearly a thousand patients, and 54 people died. The conflict arose because of of relatives who came to the office documents of the deceased. And since the hospital operates anti-epidemic regime, we allowed one visitor. The expectation took two or three hours”, — said the press-Secretary Ekaterina Averina.

According to her, in the end, two unhappy men pounced on the security guard. Now the situation is normalized.

“We have strengthened the work of the office, introduced an additional Cabinet to faster flows took place”, — added the interlocutor.

additionally, this is not the first brawl in yelizavetinskaya hospital for the last time. For example, on 7 June, the patient was attacked with a surgical instrument on the two retired. The victims escaped with superficial wounds, and the behavior of the men explained acute psychosis.

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