In the regions of Belarus harshly detained protesters opponents of Lukashenka (video)

Riot police carried out the arrest of peaceful demonstrators contesting the purity of the victory of Alexander Lukashenko at presidential elections in Belarusian cities.

As reported by Telegram-channel NEXTA Live, hell is going on in Brest. Just as in Minsk, the security forces dispersed the people, shooting rubber bullets and using stun grenades.

in blogger there is evidence of eyewitnesses that one policeman there “moved to the side of the people”: he “took the helmet and walked away from the crowd”.

In the city of Mozyr riot police chase protesters down the street and beaten.

Looks like a civil war in Belarus.

— Franak Viačorka (@franakviacorka) August 10, 2020

“In Molodechno shooting people. Snatching from the crowd and beaten. In a paddy wagon, loaded the children, before beating”, — informs the NEXTA.

In Grodno, near the Philharmonic hall paddy wagon hit a man, I fell on the demonstrators who blocked the road. In Navapolatsk also notes cases of police violence.

the Total number of detained during the second wave of protests is unknown. On the night of August 10 in 33 cities was sent to the police 3 thousand people, 80 of them, investigators opened a criminal case on a “heavy” article on the riots.

As reported, the candidate of the United opposition Svetlana Tikhanovski did not recognize the victory of Lukashenko, saying that he had received in the elections of 9 August, approximately 80% of the votes. The CEC has counted it only 10% have re-elected President — a little more than 80%