In the Russian capital per day died on 13 patients with COVID-19

coronavirus In clinics of Moscow since yesterday recorded the death of 13 patients.

According to the operational headquarters, complication confirmed coronavirus infection became pneumonia.

the Total number of victims of the pandemic in the capital has increased to 4485.

Meanwhile, the world health organization (who) believe that the pandemic will continue for a long time. Addressing young people who are often neglected safeguards for the love of “hanging out”, who said that they need to resort to all possible ways to prevent the spread of the virus.

additionally, the physician of Kommunarka of Moscow Denis Protsenko, who himself suffered kovid, told “RG” the fact that the coronavirus can specify with a special “tone” cough. It manifests itself not as deep and hoarse, and as the surface, the doctor said. Ill also complain of a constant sore throat.

According to Protsenko, he was so adept in the allocation of coronavirus cough that “can diagnose” by their characteristic sound.