In the Saratov regional Duma there was a mass brawl

a major brawl occurred during a meeting of the Saratov regional Duma the deputies from the party “United Russia” and the Communist party.

the Situation escalated after 12 hours of continuous work, when it came to the speech of the Chairman of the credentials Committee of United Russia Nicholas Bushueva.

In his speech, the Deputy talked about the violation of parliamentary ethics by Dmitry Chernyshevsky (EP) and Nikolay Bondarenko (Communist party) in previous meetings.

Bondarenko filmed performance on a phone that was not liked by the representative of the EP Anatoly Ipasuma. To Express dissatisfaction that threw a bottle at him with the words “get out of here.”

the Representative of the Communist party did not hesitate to answer, so the meeting had to be adjourned.

Now the representatives of “United Russia plan to appeal to the interior Ministry, claiming that Bondarenko himself instigated a fight.

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