In the St. Petersburg Parliament has refused to discuss an alternative amendment to the Constitution

the St. Petersburg parliamentarians not to include in the agenda of the meeting of June 23, the bill Boris Vishnevsky about the new amendments to the Constitution of Russia.

Among the proposals of the Deputy — the two presidential terms of four years without resetting, the duties of the President in order to appoint the Prime Minister, which suggested the state Duma and to send the government or any of its members to resign in case of no confidence of Parliament.

“the President appoints the attorney General, who was represented by the Federation Council, the President loses the right to appoint judges, it is passed to the Federation Council on the proposal of the Higher qualification Collegium of judges. No senatorstva life after retirement and no immunity. No “presidential senators”, the more life” — said the Deputy.

His statement the speaker of Parliament Vyacheslav Makarov was interrupted three times, and finally completely turned off the microphone. The inclusion of the issue on the agenda voted 11 deputies, against — one.

Boris Vishnevsky has mentioned that his bill is part of the “Constitution of the free men”, which, according to the survey “Levada-center”, supported by 28% of citizens and 80% consider it necessary to submit for vote.

Also in the Legislative Assembly once again refused to consider projects of Federal laws Oksana Dmitrieva, who proposed to index pensions to working pensioners and temporarily return to the old retirement age — 60 for men and 55 for women.

Recall that a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution will be held from 25 June to 1 July. One key amendment is the nullification of presidential terms of Vladimir Putin.

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