In the state Duma a bill regarding the use of matkapital

the Government of the Russian Federation submitted to the state Duma a bill on the use of maternity capital, the correspondent of “Rosbalt”.

the Bill applies to women who decided not to Fund due to the matkapital their future retirement and decided to dispose of them differently. The new regulations set a deadline of six months after receipt of the revoked means of matkapital on account of the Pension Fund, during which the woman may apply on the disposal of mercapital on the improvement of housing conditions, the education of the child (Ren), the acquisition of goods and services for social adaptation and integration into society of children with disabilities or with a statement of extension of term of filing of application about the order means (a part of means) parent (family) capital in case of unclaimed funds withdrawn in these areas.

the Bill also provides for the possibility of re-direction of the revoked means of matkapital on the formation of funded pension in the absence of statements about the disposal of mercapital on the established areas or applications for extension of the period of application about the order.

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