In the state Duma admitted the vote on the amendments to the Constitution and the Victory parade on June 24

Vice-speaker of the state Duma Igor Lebedev confirmed the information to the media about a referendum on amendments to the Constitution can pass on 24 June, the day of the Victory parade. It is reported by RIA “Novosti”.

“I suggested on the basis of conversations in the State Duma among MPs that is expected to hold the parade in honor of the anniversary of the Victory on June 24. At the same time, on the same day, the expected referendum on amendments to the Constitution,” — said Lebedev.

Previously, RBC reported, citing four sources close to the Kremlin that the vote on amendments to the Constitution and the Victory parade can take place in 2020 in one day — 24 June. Another close to the Kremlin, a source confirmed, as the date for a Victory parade is seen on June 24.

According to a source in the defense Ministry, the parade will be held in late June.

alternatively, to vote according to the Constitution are considered days in early July, for the Victory day parade — September 3.

Sources added that a final decision on the date of the depends on the epidemiological situation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on postponement of the nationwide vote on the issue of approval of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation from April 22, for an indefinite date. New date for this event is “determined by a separate decree of the President of the Russian Federation”. On the national ballot submitted one question: “do You approve the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation?”.

as for the Victory parade, because of the coronavirus traditional celebrations have been cancelled. Before that, the Russian veteran asked the Russian President Vladimir Putin to postpone the Victory parade in Moscow on 9 may at a later date when the situation of coronavirus is normalized. The authors of the appeal urged to take “tough but fair the decision” on the postponement of a Victory Parade on the period when he “becomes not a threat, but a true celebration of peace and security for all its members.”

“it Will be our main parade on the red square and the people’s March “Immortal regiment” March of our grateful memory and the inseparable blood, living connection between generations”, — assured the President may 9.

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