In the state Duma introduced a law on electronic communication of the employee with the employer

In the state Duma introduced a revised version of the draft law on cooperation in electronic format of the employee and the employer. As told by one of the authors of the bill, the head of the Duma Committee on state construction and legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov, the document introduces a new article to the Labor code. This article assumes that exchange messages, the employer and the employee can “using electronic or other technical means.”

the law Also defines the point from which the message carries legal consequences, it is the time of message delivery to the addressee. Another innovation is to give the employee an opportunity to unilaterally withdraw from the exchange of legally significant messages in electronic form at any time after the conclusion of the employment contract. According to Krasheninnikov, reports “Interfax”, such a measure is necessary because not all employees can or want to use the electronic format of communication with the employer.

in addition, the bill amends article 67 TK according to which employment contracts may be concluded, including through electronic means. When negotiating in the electronic form of the employment contract provides for the obligation of the employee and the employer act in good faith. This means — not to engage in negotiations on the conclusion of an employment contract with a deliberate absence of intention to reach agreement with the other party.

the Employer, by law, must provide storage of all received from the employee and directed the employee of legally significant messages and copies, including electronic.

Krasheninnikov stressed that the fight against the coronavirus and translation in many fields to remote the format of the bill is particularly relevant. The law is supposed to contribute to the Senate in the next two weeks. The provisions of the bill it is proposed to introduce with effect from 1 October 2020.

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