In the state Duma marked the approximate date of the opening of Orthodox churches

In the state Duma has expressed hope that closed because of coronavirus churches in Russia will open for parishioners to 28 may — is Orthodox holiday of the ascension. This was stated by “Interfax” the head of the Duma Committee on civil society development issues, public and religious organisations Sergey Gavrilov.

however, he noted that in Moscow the decision to open the temples to be taken by the mayor and the chief sanitary doctor on approval by the Patriarchate. Gavrilov said that the opening of the temples it is important to define standards — just as is done for the fields of construction, industry and housing. It is necessary that in the churches conducted disinfection, coming to the temple the temperature was measured to wear a mask, you also need to specified social distance, he listed.

According to Gavrilova, you can first apply the European scenario: the praying part is on the street, part of the temple, the service is necessarily performed with the parishioners.

a Source in the Russian Orthodox Church confirmed that a working group under the Patriarch now discussing the timing of the opening of temples and format their work. It is assumed that the stages of a gradual return to a full sacramental life will relate to the three stages of relief sanitary measures indicated by the CPS.

Recall, the Orthodox Church in Moscow and the Moscow region was closed with the beginning of Holy week — April 13, and since then divine services at them were performed in the presence of the clergy. Were previously closed mosques and synagogues in the capital region. Similar restrictive measures have been introduced in all regions of the country with an unfavourable epidemiological situation.

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