In the state Duma propose to solve a problem with the insurance in case of accident on the Internet

In the state Duma a bill on the remote settlement of insurance claims in case of accident, the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

the Bill eliminates the duty of the victim to provide documents on the insurance indemnity in case of accident only in paper form. Also establishes the right of the victim to exchange necessary documents and information in electronic form, including with use of the portal services.

If the law is adopted, the inspection of the vehicle the insurer will be allowed by the exchange with the victim photos and videos using mobile app “Helper insurance”.

the Document envisages a two-year transition period after entry of the proposed changes, when fully electronic document may be exercised only in case of reaching agreement on such cooperation when concluding the agreement.

the Bill also created the conditions for the receipt by the insurers of information about the circumstances of accidents and other insured events from external sources in an automated mode, as well as expanding their content (for voluntary insurance), and increases their importance in the consideration of insurance recoveries.

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