In the suburbs resumed the trade of vehicles and the sales offices of housing

may 25, trade of cars and sales offices in the construction of housing will work in the suburbs. This was reported in his Instagram the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov.

“will Work repair, sales offices in the construction of housing, starting this Monday,” — said Vorobyov.

As reported, on 23 may in the Moscow region overturned the digital pass.

In the suburbs, isolation, compulsory for citizens older than 65 years and for persons with chronic diseases, will be valid until may 31.

the Number of cases of coronavirus in the entire period of the infection spreading to the suburbs approaching 32 thousand people. A day in the region identified 824 new cases of infection COVID-19. Suburban doctors cured of coronavirus almost 4.7 thousand people, of which 418 patients past day.

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