In the Tomsk region after the outbreak of the coronavirus in nursing homes died more than ten people

In two old people’s homes of the Tomsk region, where there have been outbreaks of coronavirus infection died more than ten guests. According to “Interfax”, this was reported to journalists the Vice-Governor of the region Ivan Deev.

He recalled that in such facilities are elderly people, many of whom have comorbidities, including severe. Some of them are still in kovenig hospitals, the part sent back, some have died. “These are mainly patients who died at the end of June. It’s more than a dozen people,” — said the official.

the Exact death toll from pneumonia caused by a coronavirus, he promised to announce in August.

Recall that outbreaks of coronavirus in two Tomsk boarding houses for elderly and disabled people occurred in June. In the boarding house “South” was hospitalized 44 people in a private boarding house for elderly people “Good heart” the tests confirmed the disease in 23 residents.

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