In the TRANS-Baikal and the Novosibirsk region is growing deaths from coronavirus

Zabaykalsky Krai broke the record daily mortality from infection COVID-19: yesterday there died six people. This was stated by the authorities of the region, adding that all the new victims of the pandemic had developed pneumonia.

One of the deceased patients was 32 years. Also died 60-, 62 – and 76-year-old woman, 53 – and 74-year-old man. Each of these cases also had “severe underlying medical conditions.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in the region contracted 1841 people, 38 patients died.

In the Novosibirsk region in June, the incidence was growing rapidly, every day put on 100 or more diagnoses, writes “Tayga.Info”. During the day, two persons died: 30 – and 49-year-old man.

the region has 3960 cases of coronavirus infection (in Novosibirsk — 1718), 48 people died.

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