In the Tula region has sentenced a teenager who raped three women

Before the court in the Tula region appeared 17-the summer teenager who was accused of raping three women. According to the investigating authorities of SK of Russia in the region, two crimes he committed in 2019, another in June of this year.

the Two women he raped in September 2019 at Hub one, he was attacked in the stairwell of flats, dragged the victim to her apartment and committed acts of a sexual nature. The second woman, a teenager was attacked in the vestibule of the sports complex. The third victim was a friend of the teenager he raped her in June of this year.

the Victims had resisted it, but he was stronger. Every time the teenager left the scene of the incident.

However, field investigators managed to leave his mark. He was arrested, the trial took place. The teenager was sentenced to five years in an educational colony.

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