In the U.S. the monument to the first President George Washington

In the North-West of the US protesters against police violence against black people in the country demolished the monument to the first national leader, George Washington (years of presidency 1789-1797). The incident occurred in Portland (Oregon).

First, as the video shows eyewitness, the protesters threw a statue of the American flag, which immediately blazed up.

already salanou the statue of one of founding fathers of the country, the protesters began to leave graffiti reminders of the problem of racism. In particular, the monument was the number “1619” — a year in which America brought the first slaves from Africa.

large-scale protests swept the States after the death of the African-American George Floyd. A resident of Minneapolis firmly held by the guards. Choke hold by one of the police officers, was for the 46-year-old male fatal.

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