In the UK called the names of those killed in the

the Investigation has “irrefutable evidence” of involvement of the Governor of Khabarovsk territory Sergey Furgala to the killings of businessmen Eugene dawn and Oleg Bulatov. This was reported by the official representative of SK Svetlana Petrenko.

“the Murder of Zor was linked to a long conflict with Forgalom and judicial proceedings in connection with the purchased Eugene Zorya concrete plant. The businessman was killed the day before the adjudication, the result of which was obvious to both,” she said.

According to Petrenko, the second victim Furgala and his accomplices became his companion Oleg Bulatov, who Furgala suspected of involvement in the murder of Zorya.

Specifies that Furgal organized attempt at businessman Alexander Smolski, who survived after his garage was thrown two grenades. In addition, according to the SC, a security guard and personal driver Furgala took the blame for the death of a local resident of the Novel Sandalova, who also was killed “for the sake of commercial interests.”

According to the UK, one of the approximate Furgala is to become his assistant in the period of the state Duma Deputy Alexander Karpov.

“At the beginning of 2000-ies Karepov was closely connected with local criminal gang, the so-called “tymofiivka”. It is the representatives of this gang, as believes a consequence, were the direct perpetrators of the killings, who organized Furgal and his accomplices”, — said Petrenko.

Sergei Furgal was detained in Khabarovsk and transferred to Moscow. He was accused of murder and attempted murder. Official representative SK the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrenko said that Furgal involved in the killings and the attempted murder of entrepreneurs, committed by an organized criminal group in 2004-2005 in the territory of the Khabarovsk territory and Amur region. He arrested up to 9 Sep. In Khabarovsk, began an unsanctioned rally in support of Furgala.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the situation with the case arrested the Governor of Khabarovsk territory Sergey Furgala non — standard.

“Understandable emotional message of the inhabitants of the Khabarovsk region, because the situation is really very unusual and very emotionally resonant,” said he.

According to Peskov, “you just need to understand that we are talking about very serious allegations against the incumbent Governor”.

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